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Central Illinois Beekeepers Association

We were founded as the ISU Beekeeping Club during April 2012 but became the Central Illiniois Beekeepers Association four years later. We changed our focus from educating the general public about honey bees and beekeeping to serving the needs of our beekeeping members while still providing education and public outreach.

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(2012 - 2016)

The purpose the Association is to aid beekeepers in pursuit of the beekeeping hobby by promoting safe, responsible, and effective apiary management practices; promote interest in honey bees and beekeeping; and raise awareness of environmental, economic, social and political issues that affect beekeepers and honey bees.

2016 CIBA Constitution

Membership & Dues - Membership is open to anyone with an interest in beekeeping. Dues are $15 per calendar year and this includes membership in the Illinois State Beekeepers Association of which CIBA is an affiliate. To join, complete a membership form and either bring it to a meeting or send it along with your $15 dues payment to TBA, CIBA Treasurer, TBA. Please make your check payable to CIBA.

Club Brochure - We have a somewhat out-of-date downloadable 2-page brochure (fold in half) that provides a brief overview of the club and gives a summary of the more important information found on this website. T

News & Events - The club is quite active and holds regular public outreach events. Click on the News & Events link to the upper left of this page for details.

Beekeeping Course - The Association holds an Introduction to Beekeeping Workshop each year. Click on the Beekeeping Course link to the upper left of this page for details. The meeting are usually held at the Cooperative Extension Service in Bloomington.

Meetings - Don't miss out on current activities. We hold general membership meetings 7 times each year (February, April, May, June, July, August, and October). Our meetings are busy, productive, and informative - often with guest speakers. Click on the Meetings link to the upper left of this page for details.

Facebook - The main way we get word out about club events is through Facebook. Keep informed about club events by following us on our Facebook page.

History - Our history is described in Sustainability & Beekeeping that appeared in the June 2014 issue of American Bee Journal. CIBA started as the ISU Beekeeping Club. After four years it changed its name to Central Illinois Beekeepers Association. This article provides a detailed history of the ISU Beekeeping Club's founding along with several photographs.

Affiliations - We are officially affiliated with the Illinois State Beekeepers Association.

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For additional information, contact webmaster TBA.

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